Fast like a Falcon: McLaren Super Series

(Images courtesy of McLaren’s press site)

A few years ago, I had the opportunity – and rather unexpectedly – to not drive, but pilot a McLaren MP4-12C Spyder – now the soon to be outgoing 650S. Why do you pilot a McLaren instead of drive it? Technically, you’re driving, but a McLaren is so much more than a car, much like a Peregrine Falcon is so much more than a bird – if you’re into ornithology and you like cars, like myself. McLaren has built and established its name from participating, and in many instances dominating, motorsports. It is from this experience the storied British high-performance car manufacturer has infused its road cars with race car technology. So much so, the driver feels more like a pilot of some outlandish terrestrial UFO. The cars are so fast you feel a lot like a Peregrine probably does when it’s bolting around the sky in excess of 200 mph. You’re not driving, you’re flying.


References to predatory birds aside, you can imagine the excitement when a new McLaren road car has been announced as being in the waiting. In this case, that car would be the yet-to-be-named “Super Series” road car – Super Series denotes the mid-range offering in terms of price, power and exclusivity in McLaren’ s three pronged lineup of terrestrial missiles, with the “Sports Series” being at the bottom and “Ultimate Series” at the top. This new second generation Super Series road car will make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show on March 7th. Just today, McLaren released some tantalizing info on the new supercars performance, which will be nothing short of extraordinary going by the 0 -124 mph time of 7.4 seconds. A BMW 328d reaches 60 mph in that same amount of time. Does that driving vs flying analogy make a little more sense now? If it doesn’t, find someone that has a McLaren – or rent one – and find out. That is a bucket-list worthy idea. Trust me.



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