Period Correct: Stitched for drivers.

Hidden gem
Nestled in a small semi industrial complex, and unpretentious surroundings in Costa Mesa, CA lies a clothing store where automotive passion collides with fashion. A combination, which until the founding of Period Correct, was nonexistent in the specialty clothing boutique space on the West Coast, and perhaps the world.
If you visited Period Correct (a.k.a. PC) you would have a small inkling that its previous form took on something automotive related by way of a garage door you see at the very back of the facility and the glazed concrete flooring. Prior to its current form, Period Correct housed a Porsche restoration shop, which is pretty cool considering that the automotive connection has survived the change of purpose for the space.
Car enthusiasts especially welcome
Period Correct is an atmosphere any automotive enthusiast would feel immediately at home in, and anyone with an appreciation for creativity would find intriguing. What appears to be an entirely legitimate Lancia Beta Montecarlo Group V racecar, that took the fight to the then dominant Porsche 935 in the late 70’s, graces the front of the store to the right as you walk in.
Parked in front of the garage door at the back of the facility, one may find any of the vehicles representing the personal and well sorted garage of Period Correct’s owner. During my recent visit to PC I happened upon his “Bianca” Alfa Romeo 1300 Junior GTA, which has to be one of the most simple but purposeful designs ever created. Not to mention it exudes beauty is an understatement.
Surrounding these dormant petrol fueled beasts is a minimalist setup of automotive literature, 1/43rd scale model cars and PC’s latest collection of high end and unrivaled quality apparel for the “gentleman racer”.
Behind Period Correct is founder, automotive enthusiast and creative mind, Bryan Calvero who has done a commendable job of keeping the look and feel of the store minimalistic while making no bones about what the brand stands for: High quality clothing apparel inspired by some of the most iconic performance cars to compete for both motorsport titles and the affections of enthusiasts, all over the world.
Fit & finish
The premium feel and design of the retail space is embodied in the clothing sold at PC. Having personally acquired a few of the brands t-shirts, I can speak to the quality as being practically bar none. I’m not sure I’ve ever worn a t-shirt that feels that it was made to stand the test of time. Fabrics and textures are an obvious strength of the Period Correct collection, but so is its design.
Often times, automotive enthusiast apparel can be drowned in logos and large prints, but that is not the case with PC: Minimalism that underscores the brand’s overall aesthetic seems to be a prevailing characteristic throughout the collection, it’s to create a conversation on what Period Correct is. This conversation is what has made Period Correct a local and respected icon in the making. Of course, as with anything of premium value, there is an associated cost. However, as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”.
Take for instance “The Golden Era Anorak”, a very attractive jacket that retails for $380. On the outside it is an unassuming, albeit sportily designed jacket, which has zippered detailing on the outside and lined with images of various Group B rally cars from yesteryear on the inside. If this has been done before, please tell? Attention to detail and thoughtfulness as it applies to automotive themed apparel, I’m not sure has ever been executed at such a high level.
An endearing experience
The staff at Period Correct is a small but dedicated and exceptional crew that provides the highest level of service to customers and visitors alike. Ever so often, PC hosts themed car meets that are more than worth checking out, because they usually attract some of the cleanest examples of storied automotive icons and legitimate car enthusiasts.
If you’re interested in checking out the latest in PC’s collection or visiting the store , see their website at or on Instagram. PC is truly a brand worth experiencing; few things will speak to the car enthusiast in you more.


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  1. Avo says:

    I haven’t been there yet. Need to go asap


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